How To Choose Blouse For Heavy Arms

Until very recently, I shied away from wearing sarees, even though I find nothing more beautiful than it. I have flabby untoned arms, and they tend to look unsightly with a fitted blouse. The fat would bulge out from the wrong places and spoil an otherwise beautiful outfit. I started following a few tips before getting my blouses stitched and that sure made a big difference to how I look. This post is a must read if you have heavy or untoned arms and want to flaunt ethnic blouses.

1. Long Sleeves to the Rescue:

The easiest way to hide heavy arms is to opt for elbow length, three quarter or full sleeves blouses. They are a blessing in disguise which camouflages the problem areas and gives a chic, classy look. If you have been repeatedly wearing short sleeves which show fat protruding from the edges, time to stop. Longer sleeves are very much in trend and can totally give a posh sophisticated air. A properly constructed sleeve is the key to looking good in the blouse of your choice.

blouse design full

2. Wear the Right Size:

Often we grow out of old blouses due to age, change in shape and so on. Even trends come and go. The emphasis is on wearing a blouse stitched by a trusted tailor custom made to your body type. While borrowing your mother’s blouse might be an easy solution before a key event, make sure the blouse sits right on you. If not, this will throw light on the arms you don’t want to flaunt.

3. Choose Fabric Carefully:

The fabric of your blouse will determine how good it looks on you. A petite figure can get away with blouses made of stiff fabric, wool, velvet etc. But those with heavy arms are better off with fabric that drapes well like silk, rayon, cotton and chiffon. These are easy on the body and adapt to the contours of your body in a flattering way.

4. Steer Attention Away From Arms:

If you want to rock a blouse, choose a design that will take the attention away from your arms. A neckline design (try boat neck), some shoulder embellishment or a statement brooch- these intricate details on your blouse can totally transform it and catch everyone’s eye. Oh, and this way your arms won’t be the talking point of nasty ladies.

5. Opt for Darker Colours:

While this might not be possible in all cases, a dark coloured blouse or even a darker hue on your sleeves can make a big difference. Bold solid colours like black, red, oxblood, blue and deep green can work in your favour if you have bulky arms.

6. Avoid Chunky Prints:

Chunky and closely clustered prints can draw attention to the extra pounds in your arms. Also, horizontally aligned prints aren’t the best choice if you want a slimming effect. Instead, go for less dense prints so that the graffiti on your arms don’t call for notice.

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