5 Things you Should Never Do After 6 PM When Trying To Lose Weight

Weight loss is not entirely about calorie deficit – there are little things that add up and help accelerate the whole fat-burning process. To shake off extra pounds and to get lean and fit, there are certain things you should stop doing when you are inching towards the end of the night. In this post, we list down 5 Things you Should Never Do After 6 PM When Trying To Lose Weight.

After 6 PM When Trying To Lose Weight

1. Drink Coffee and Caffeine-Based Drinks: It’s a fact that caffeine (also read “Why Caffeine is Good for Weight Loss?) from a single  cup of coffee can keep one awake for up to 6 hours. To lose weight successfully, you gotta get 7 hours of shut eye, but caffeine kick can interrupt sleep and keep you awake through the night. So, enjoy thatcup of coffee before the clock strikes 6 PM.
2. Avoid Fruits After Sunset: There’s no doubt fruits are an essential pat of a healthy diet, but ayurveda says consuming fruits after sunset can hamper the digestion process (since metabolism slows down towards the end of the day) and also cause rise in blood sugar (due to the natural sugars in them), interrupting with the sleep pattern. That’s why eat your fruits with natural sugars and fiber before 6 PM. (Also read: “6 High Sugar Fruits to Avoid for Weight Loss”).
3. Save Calories and Binge Eat at Dinner: Not eating enough through the day and then later on resorting to binge eating at dinner would throw you out of calorie deficit, hampering weight loss prospects. Our body isn’t a bank account and saving up calories for dinner isn’t gonna do a great deal of good for weight loss.
4. Eating Refined Carbs For Dinner: Since our metabolism slows down towards the evening, having carbs, especially refined carbs for dinner is not a good idea (the body would find it hard to digest carbs and the blood sugar spike caused by refined carbs will disturb sleeping pattern).
5. Indulge in Night-Time Snacking: Late-night snacking increases the chances of extra calories getting stored as fat (since metabolism dips down considerably in the evening) and it can actually disturb your sleep cycle, which can actually hurt your weight loss effort.

Avoid these 5 things after 6 pm and speed up the fat-burning process.

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