10 Awesome Makeup Tips for Urgent Situations

We all have those days when suddenly plans come up and we need to get ready in 10-15 minutes. You cannot just go out wearing no makeup or even worse, a badly done makeup; right? In this post, I will share a few awesome tips that you can use when you are in a hurry. These tips will take your makeup look flawless and won’t cause any last moment disasters either.

1. Make a Moisturizing Foundation

You cannot go without a foundation and you cannot skip a moisturizer either. For urgent situations like this, it is always advisable to make your concoction of moisturizer and foundation. This has multiple benefits and comes handy when you are in a hurry. It makes the face soft, adds some color, blurs away the imperfections and does not need a tool to blend. You can apply this first and then hide the stubborn scars with touches of concealers.


2. Use a Compact Foundation

Compact foundations provide heavy coverage and works both as a foundation and a compact at the same time. Apply some concealer under the eyes and around the mouth first. Then dab the compact all over the face. MAC, Clinique, Estee Lauder has come up with compact foundations. You can set this compact with a fixing spray or primer spray to get a non-powdery, even look.

3. Use Lipstick as Blush

Lipsticks work very well to add some color to your cheeks. Take some on your fingers and dab it on the cheeks. The color will pop up on the cheeks and gets blended in the skin. It gives a from within glow which looks pretty natural.

4. Use Lip Liner after Lipstick

When you are in a hurry, you often make mistakes. Use a liner to give your lips a flawless look and to make things easy, us it after applying the lipstick. Apply the lipstick all over the lips leaving the extreme edges. Now, use a liner to line the edge. You can use a deeper pencil to create an ombre effect. This gives a defined look to the lips even in a very short time.

5. Use a Gloss

If you do not have time for lipstick, go with a gloss. Lip glosses are applied easily and you do not have to worry about a perfect line. You can use it directly on your lips to save time. It makes the lips look fuller and soft.

6. Use Eye Pencils to Color the Lids

Applying eye shadows with brushes can take up lot of tie and we cannot do it perfectly when we are in a hurry. Use soft eye pencils instead to add colors on the lid. Apply it all over the lid and smudge it out with your fingers. Keep the colors most concentrated in the centre. You can also use two colors to create some dimension and depth.

7. Create Smokey Eye with Kajal

If you love bold smoky eye this is another trick that you will absolutely like. Start off with applying a brown pencil all over the lid. You can skip this if you are in too much hurry. Next, apply a kajal pencil or gel liner close to the upper lash line. Now blend it upwards and outwards. As the color will fade out, it will give a beautiful smoky effect.

8. Use Mascara on Brows

Filling in the mascara can be very time consuming at times. You can gently brush the brows with your mascara spoolie after applying the mascara. It will brush the brows and fill in some color in the gaps making it look all natural and full.

9. Harden your Nail Paint using Cold Water

Applying nail paints in hurry can be very messy. Often they get smudged and look horrible. So, if you are getting ready away from home it is better not to apply any. But, if you are at home or any place with a freezer, your nail problem is solved. Apply the nail paint and then dip the hands in ice cold water of 2-3 minutes. This will instantly harden the nail paint and it won’t budge at all.

10. Fix Your Hair with Sprays

When you are in a hurry, hair says are your best friend. Spray some dry shampoo in your hair to make it bouncy and fluffy. You can do any quick styling or keep it open. Now, set it in place using a good quality hair setting spray. This will keep the hair in place without putting in much effort.

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