6 Types of Jewellery for the Bride Other Than Gold

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Wedding season is on in full swing. Nowadays more and more brides are experimenting with their looks and are looking for other jewellery options to wear on their D-day other than gold. Yes gold jewellery has been here since ages but modern brides today like to experiment with everything surrounding their marriage. Let’s find out which kind of jewellery you can go for other than gold for your marriage and other pre marriage functions.

1. Pearl Jewellery
pearl jewelry
Pearls are regal and effortlessly look timeless. While white pearls go beautifully with pastel coloured dresses, pearls in rose gold look glamorous with warm hued outfits and steel grey pearls go well with cocktail outfits. There are different variants of pearls for every wedding function. You can go for elegant pearl strings to heavy bold chokers. Pearls can be combined with coloured gemstones or diamonds to give them an elegant look.

bridal jewelry

2. Crystal Jewellery
crystal jewelry
If you do not want to go OTT and don’t want to be all matchy-matchy with your wedding outfit then why not go for these contrasting pieces of jewellery! Swarovski crystal jewellery will fit the bill perfectly to go with your various wedding and pre wedding outfits. If you are a Christian bride then look no further than crystal jewellery.

3. Silver Jewellery
silver jewelry
Silver is a classy metal and you cannot go wrong with this one! You can go for stunning sterling silver jewellery embellished with ruby or emerald stones, semi-precious beads or American diamonds. This kind of jewellery comes in various hues like bright white, greyish white or with a shiny or a matte finish which can go with variety of outfits. Silver jewellery will not burn a hole in your pocket and will look rich and regal at the same time.

4. Diamond Jewellery
diamond jewelry
If you can afford diamonds then why not! Forget everything else and go for diamonds. They can be minimalistic or over the top but you will look nothing short of a princess in diamond jewellery. You can choose diamond jewellery with other precious metals to make it more colourful and eye catching.

5. Gemstone Jewellery
gemstone jewelry
This is also another kind of jewellery that will go well with outfits for your pre wedding functions like mehndi, sangeet or a cocktail party. You can get hued gemstones in so many different colours and patterns that you will definitely find a striking gemstone necklace to go with your outfit. You can also opt for precious and semi-precious gemstones or coloured diamonds too.

6. Platinum Jewellery
platinum jewelry
If you pocket allows then you can go for everlasting metal, platinum for your wedding day. Platinum does not oxidised or tarnished and is a rare metal that is why it will cost you a bomb but this is the kind of metal that you will cherish for life. platinum love bands are quite in vogue nowadays but you can also for other jewellery pieces like delicate platinum necklaces studded with precious stones, gemstones especially diamonds.

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