7 Best Beauty Hacks Ever

We all know how working “smart” these days has become a lot more important than working “hard.” It simply means we all have to learn how to be more efficient, organized and confident in addition to working hard at our workplaces. Well, the same mantra can be applied to our beauty routines too! How often have you had to rush off to work and apply your makeup in the bathroom in 10 minutes after you get to work? These are some secret beauty hacks that you can use to get ready faster or makeup for a product or play up a feature you don’t have. Read on to know more about these fast tips!

Beauty hacks ever

1. Bad colour payoff on your new eyeshadow?

There’s a solution to this without having to throw away your eyeshadow! This applies to nail polish too. Well, the next time you have to wear eyeshadow, use a white blend-able eye pencil all over your lids before you apply the eyeshadow. It makes the colour more intense and makes your eye shadow colour pop! Do the same for your nails too, with a coat of white nail polish before you apply the actual nail polish.

2. Can’t remove that gorgeous but gritty glitter nail polish?

We have all faced this at some point, especially now with some brands coming out with gorgeous but tough to remove glitter nail polishes. Apply a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover onto your nails. Wrap up your fingertips in aluminium foil and the glitter bits should be gone in a few minutes.Or, use light glue as your base coat and then apply the glitter polish. When you want to remove it, just gently peel off the glue bit.

3. Can’t find your volumizing mascara?

If you need volume for your lashes at the last minute, here’s an easy hack to use. Take loose powder which you normally use for your face. Dust it lightly on your eyelashes with your eyes closed and apply a normal mascara. Then use a piece of cotton, focus on lash tips and apply some more powder on them and add another coat of mascara. This will build volume on your lashes.

4. Lipstick keeps fading?

Blot your lips with a powder blush in a similar shade. This sets your lipstick and it helps avoid those horrible colour bleeds, and besides the colour will be the same as your lipstick so this is a more foolproof way than using powder to blot your lips.

5. Want instant matte lips?

Turn any normal lipstick into a matte formula. Apply your lipstick, then cover your lips with a tissue. Brush powder all over the tissue and remove. The powder goes through the tissue finely and gives you a matte look!

6. Need to play up your eyes?

Use some bronzer on your eye crease, which can be either shimmery or matte. This gives you a lovely made up but not over the top look that you can wear even to work.

7. Want to make lips fuller?

Apply gloss to the bottom of your lips to add depth. Another hack is to lightly put some shimmer eyeshadow onto your bottom lip, giving the illusion of plumped up, healthy lips.

I hope you found these beauty hacks useful – I thought they were brilliant, and I have tried the white eyepencil hack and it really works! These are some fun, easy ways to be smart with your makeup application.


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