10 Home Remedies To Prevent Flaky Skin in Winters

Come winters and our skin seems to lose all its softness, suppleness, and radiance. Stretchy, dry, and flaky skin is a common issue across all skin types. Skin that’s dry and flaky is giving you a message that’s it’s majorly dehydrated. Apart from slathering loads of moisturizer during winters, read about 10 home remedies to prevent dry and flaky skin in winters.

1. Spread honey on the dry skin patches and wash off after half an hour. You can also add few drops of rose water in honey as a natural remedy for dry skin.

2. Dry fruits especially almonds help to retain moisture in the skin. Consume dry fruits regularly; continuous intake can help in treating extremely dry skin.

3. Rubbing sesame oil on the affected area right after shower is one of the best home remedies to treat flaky skin.

4. Apply a good-quality moisturizing cream on your skin at least once daily, concentrating on the affected areas.

5. Use soap-free cleansers on face. Here’s an inexpensive cleanser that Kiara Advani uses to exfoliate her skin – mix fresh cream with besan, and use it as a face pack/scrub. She also loves massaging her face with raw tomato.

6. Put one-fourth cup of normal yogurt in a blender. Add a ripe banana and 3 tbsp of oatmeal powder. Before blending, add two tablespoonfuls of almond oil. Blend your concoction and apply it onto your face. Before rinsing it off, leave it on for about 10 minutes.

7. Use a moisturizing face mask once a week as a treatment to reduce dry skin problem. For flaky dry skin, ingredients like honey, avocados, milk, yogurt, flaxseed powder, aloe vera are all moisturizing and work well. Use them in different combinations as per availability on alternative days.

8. Make a paste with a guava and a spoon of honey. Apply this on the flaking skin on face and wash it thoroughly with water after about twenty minutes to get rid of dry and itchy skin patches.

9. Instead of slathering on creams and butters, try face oils for that luminescent glowing look. Apply facial oil (coconut and almond oil for normal and dry skin and jojoba for oily and acne-prone skin) in winters to avoid flaky skin is highly recommended.

10. Mix aloe vera gel and almond oil, apply it on the face as a mask for one hour, and rinse off with cold water. Aloe vera soothes and almond oil nourishes skin with its high vitamin E content.

So, these were some effective tips to combat flaky skin in winters.

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