8 Best Facial Oils To Try in Winters For Glowing Skin

Flawless glowing skin is what we all crave for. I have lusted over the clear, smooth skin of my friends and been jealous as my skin is acne prone, has open pores, scars and many blemishes. While researching every now and then about ways to achieve skin clarity, I came across some amazing skin oils. They are super potent and can act effectively to remove imperfections. In fact, I ordered a couple of facial oils and serums containing these miracle ingredients. Read on to unlock the secrets to beautiful skin.

Facial Oils To Try in Winters For Glowing Skin

1. Rosehip oil comes from the seeds of a specific variety of rose, Rosa aff. rubiginosa or Rosa moschata. Do you know that it is one of the top anti-aging oils for the skin and immune system? Rosehip oil is a dry oil capable of penetrating to the deepest skin layers to regenerate cells and increasing collagen production. The efficiency in healing scar tissue comes from the fact that it is rich in vitamin C, Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. Besides, it is also high in retinoic acid, reduces the appearance of wrinkles and brightens up the skin. Rosehip oil is like a multivitamin for your skin and helpful in skin rejuvenation. I have started using this now and will update you very soon.

2. Tamanu Oil: Tamanu oil has been used in traditional medicine for ages, specifically for its ability to speed the healing of wounds by fighting bacteria and regenerating skin cells. The USP of this oil is a certain rare lipid known as calophyllolide, which is a very strong anti-inflammatory agent.

3. Hempseed Oil: This oil helps to reduce the size of pores, eliminate blackheads and acne. If you have very uneven skin, this is the oil to try. It protects the skin from harmful free radicals and improves elasticity. Because of its anti-inflammatory qualities, it is often recommended for to treat of psoriasis and eczema. It is made up of 80% essential fatty acids and thus is good as an anti-ageing ingredient.

4. Jojoba Oil: Jojoba oil is a very lightweight oil that is easily absorbed by the skin. Plus it acts a good carrier for dry oils like hemp seed oil. It mimics the skin’s sebum, thereby lessening oil production. The non-greasiness assures you can use it anytime without looking oily. It adds a slight sheen and gives a naturally healthy glow..

5. Coconut Oil: From removing makeup to calming irritation, to expedite healing of wounds, coconut oil can do it all! The lauric acid in coconut oil helps to repair the damaged skin and also prevents aging signs on the face. It contains Vitamin A which boosts collagen production, thus, keeping your skin wrinkle-free. Coconut oil also makes skin soft and supple; however, coconut oil is comedogenic in nature and can trigger acne an breakouts on oily and acne-prone skin, so use it with caution.

6. Almond Oil: Rich in Vitamins A and E, almond oil nourishes and improves complexion, adds natural glow, keeps skin soft and supple. It can also lighten dark circles, spots and marks, and is suitable for irritated and sensitive skin types. Read about “12 Incredible Head to Toe Uses of Almond Oil.”

7. Olive Oil: This oil is a great option to add moisture and hydration to dull skin during winters. This magical oil is rich in vitamin A, Vitamin E and Vitamin K. When applied topically, it prevents the oxidative destruction and make skin soft and supple.

8. Argan Oil: It’s also called “liquid gold,” and that’s because argan oil takes care of a variety of skin and hair related problems. Because of its restorative benefits, it is replacing jojoba oil, olive oil, etc., in beauty treatments. Argan oil protects and nourishes skin, body, and hair. Since it has such a high level of antioxidant content, it reverses damage to skin and hair. Argan oil also has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so promotes scar tissue healing. Its also one of the most expensive oils in the world and costs a lot when its bought in its pure form.

9. Grapeseed Oil: This oil contains linoleic acid and improves your skin texture with consistent usage. Loaded with anti-oxidants, it helps in unclogging pores, clearing acne and cure breakouts.

Include these amazing facial oils in your skincare routine and look radiant through the winters.

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