9 Worst Foods That Could Cause Hair Loss

Everyone dreams about flaunting healthy, strong, soft, and lustrous hair, and most of us leave no stone unturned to achieve this dream. From investing in shampoos/conditioners/serums that promise healthy hair, to going for expensive hair spas to add shine, we do it all! But, did you know just like every other body part, hair too gets affected by what we eat on a daily basis. We often hear about food that is good for hair, but there are certain foods that can trigger your hair woes, and even hair loss. So, it’s important to avoid such foods to maintain beautiful hair and retain its shine and texture. Following is the list of 9 worst foods that could cause hair loss.

Foods That Could Cause Hair Loss

1. Sugar: Sugar is neither good for your body, nor for your hair. Sugar interferes with protein absorption and as we all know, protein is important for beautiful hair. It’s important to cut down added sugar, and look for better alternatives like stevia.

2. Refined Carbs: These have a lot of empty calories and have lack nutrients that nourish hair. Foods such as white bread, pasta, cookies, cakes have sugar and refined carbs that cause hair thinning and hair fall.

3. Diet Soda: They have artificial sweetener such as aspartame that can trigger hair fall. Always opt for water to hydrate the body.

4. Mercury-Laden Food: Some seafood contain the toxic metal mercury and research has found that high doses of mercury that can lead to hair loss. Swordfish and mackerel have been found to high quantity of mercury. So, do make sure your seafood is free of mercury and other heavy metals..

5. Junk Food: These foods are ultra processed, contain preservatives, have high amount of sugar, sodium, and are devoid of nutrients – all of which can trigger hair fall.

6. High Sodium: Think high blood and water retention are the only side effects of taking excess sodium? No! Your hair can get badly impacted by salt too. So, sprinkle salt with a light hand on your food.

7. Supplements with High Vitamin A: Never take vitamin supplements on your own because overdose of vitamin A supplements have major side effects and they have been found to shrink oil glands, and can make hair brittle and weak..

8. Foods with Hydrogenated Oil: Foods that are high in hydrogenated oil (such as cakes, biscuits, cookies, frozen pizza, microwave popcorn) can clog the pores on your scalp and trigger hair fall.

9. Genetically-Engineered Food: It is believed that such kind of food may have altered protein structure. Research shows that GMO foods are devoid of the proper nutrients the body needs to promote healthy hair and good health.

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