20 Worst Breakfast Habits for your Waistline

So, what gets you most excited about early mornings, apart from a steaming cup of coffee? Yes, the idea of having a sumptuous breakfast, but what if the same yummy breakfast is taking you farther away from your goal weight and making extra pounds pile up at the wrong places instead! Fret not because we are here to keep your dreams of achieving a fit and lean body kicking. The first meal of the day, irrespective of the timing, is considered the most important meal of the day because it sets the pace for the rest of the day, boosts metabolism, and kickstarts the fat-burning process. However, certain breakfast habits can actually help trim your waistline and avoid further piling up of weight around the belly.

Worst Breakfast Habits for your Waistline

1. Starting your Day with Packaged Breakfast Cereals: So, till now you thought it was extremely healthy to make yourself a bowl of cereal with milk from a packaged box. Though many cereal boxes claim to have fortified vitamins and minerals, most of them are high in sugar content with loads of empty calories, and cause sharp rise in insulin level, which as we all by know by now, is also a hormone that encourages storage of excess calories as fat in the body. If you see there are added dehydrated fruit bits, don’t get too excited and scream “healthy,” because they are usually coated in sugar and artificial colors to appeal to customers and have little to no nutrient value. So, do your waistline a favour and switch to healthy and traditional breakfast options such as poha, thepla, idli, dosa, thepla, dalia, etc. To make your weight loss routine smooth easy, check out delicious and weight-loss friendly options on the Rati Beauty app.

2. Replacing Butter with Margarine on Toast: People who want to lose weight are consciously replacing butter with margarine on their toast in the mornings. A lot of people believe that margarine is comparatively healthier than butter because it’s low fat, but we would like to inform you guys that margarine is largely made from vegetable oils, salt, and emulsifiers and that toast is from refined flour, and this combo can expand your waistline.

3. Juicing out Fresh Fruits: Though fruits are full of nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, juicing them out gets rid of the essential fiber as well. Fruit juices, even if you have freshly squeezed them out, spike up blood sugar sharply without the fiber content. These sugar spikes raise the blood sugar levels and then make them fall sharply, leaving you hungry and craving for more sugar through the day. So, eat your fruits in their raw form to avoid sugar spike and crash, and lose belly fat.

4. Easy-to-Prepare Readymade Breakfast Packets: They are usually high in sugar, salt, and loaded with preservatives, and it’s best to avoid them completely. Completely avoid any form of processed food as breakfast since the transfat content in them mobilizes fat from other areas of the body to your belly area!

5. Ordering Breakfast Through Apps: The scores of food-ordering apps that promise to deliver piping food within a few minutes mostly have high-calorie options with ingredients that expand waistline. Cook your own delicious breakfast, and if you are always pressed for time, find “easy-to-make, “no-cook” options on the Rati Beauty app for weight loss.

6. Having Instant Noodles as Breakfast: A complete “no-no” to begin your day with because they have high sodium, MSG, and refined flour content which can send your calories up the roof and encourage the body to store the fat around the tummy area.

7. Picking the Wrong Kind of Oats: Oats are healthy and a great option when you want to lose weight, but the instant ones that cook into a mushy consistency with a blink of an eye, may not be a great way to start your day with because they are low in fiber and get digested quickly by the body, making you hungry right after, and you would crave for more food as you go by, piling on unnecessary calories. That’s why Rati Beauty diet programs suggest rolled oats instead of instant oats for breakfast. Check out the detailed rolled oats recipe on the Rati Beauty app.

8. Adding Creamer to Coffee: Adding creamer is undoubtedly a great way to make that morning cup of coffee even more yummy, but then, be conscious that adding creamer can increase the calorie count considerably, sometimes even up to 50 calories, so switching to unsweetened almond milk would be a good replacement, and what’s more, it would help mobilize fat burning process as well.

9. Having Deeply Fried Food Every Morning: Health experts say raw, steamed or lightly cooked food is best as breakfast, not the deeply fried ones (yes, we are talking about poori and vada in particular) because the oil content increases calories to several notches, also additionally making metabolism sluggish, and slowing down the fat-burning process, making it difficult to move the stubborn fat around the belly.

10. Replacing Real Breakfast with Packaged Fruit Juices: Fruit juices that come in bottles and in packaged form contain high amounts of sugar without any fiber content. Additionally, they contain artificial flavours, colors, and preservatives. These fruit juices pump a high amount of glucose and carbs into the body which inevitably get stored as belly fat, so do eat proper breakfast meals instead of packaged juices.

11. Having Pastries/Cakes/Cupcakes with the Main Breakfast Meal: High in sugar, refined carbs, and high amount of empty calories, the calories from these food items stall the fat-burning process, particularly of belly fat. Bagels, cupcakes, cookies, desserts – all of them with their high sugar content will lead to insulin spike and a strong crash later, triggering sugar cravings through the day and addition of fat layers.

12. Considering Granola as a Healthy Breakfast Option: This extremely popular breakfast item is assumed to be healthy, but it usually has high sugar content and added sweeteners with high calorie content. It’s better to switch to traditional Indian breakfast dishes that are full of nutrients, low in calories, and are filling at the same time.

13. Not Pairing Carbs with Protein or Healthy Fats: Eggs, nuts, seeds, and other forms of healthy fats along with carbs help to keep the blood sugar levels stable and they make metabolism robust – all of these factors help to cut the flab and burn fat through the day. When you do not have healthy fats or protein in the same meal as carbs, you are preparing yourself for frequent hunger pangs and building up of more calories.

14. Digging into Leftover Pizza: Sometimes we just wake up completely sapped of energy in the morning, with little energy to prepare something healthy to eat. Guess what comes to your rescue, that leftover pizza stacked away carefully in the box it came, in the refrigerator! The fat and salt from the pizza can cause water retention, bloating, with fluctuation in blood sugar. So, save that pizza as a cheat meal and do not have it as breakfast because it will increase the waist circumference.

15. Grabbing Breakfast on the Go: Just as you should not order breakfast from food-ordering apps, avoid grabbing breakfast on the go, because you might having high-calorie and high-fat meals most of the times.

16. Picking only Fat-Free Foods: Do not avoid “fat” in food like a plague. We need good amount of healthy fats in our daily diet for the absorption of vitamins A, D, E, K that boost metabolism and torches up calories. Contrary to popular belief, fat-free foods aren’t that healthy. In fact, healthy fats and omega-3 fatty acids contribute to the fat-burning process. In the absence of fats, companies add a lot of sugar to compensate for the bland taste when fat content is ripped off. That’s why avoid fat-free and low-fat foods in the morning.

17. Ignoring Protein Content: This macronutrient works in multiple ways to boost weight loss – it promotes thermogenesis, burns more calories, keeps you full for long as well. If you eat good amount of protein at breakfast, you will curb unnecessary hunger pangs and frequent snacking. So, bring back those eggs on the breakfast table.

18. Do Not Eat Breakfast in a Rush: As we have mentioned before, breakfast is the most vital meal of the day and sets pace for the day and that’s why it should not be eaten in a rush or grabbed while you are on the go. Do sit down with the breakfast and practice mindfulness to enjoy this important meal.

19. Killing that Oats with Sugary Delights and Unhealthy Add Ons: Sure, oats is a healthy breakfast but are you making it “belly fat friendly” by adding sugar, jam, dehydrated fruits, etc. Find out how to eat oats the right way on the Rati Beauty app.

20. We are reserving the worst of all for the last, having Bread and Jam as a Staple Breakfast: Bread and jam are staple breakfast options in most households, and those who want to eat healthy, opt for brown bread. Most often, the brown bread that you pick for easy breakfast is just colored version of your regular bread. Even if it’s not colored, there’s a high chance that the brown bread has a certain percentage of white flour, sugar, and salt. These packaged jam bottles claim to be made from natural fruits, but they have sugar and preservatives that just ruin their “all natural” claim. Refined carbs are bad and so is white bread. If keeping your waistline thin is your primary goal, then we would recommend that you avoid white bread because it is devoid of nutrients or fiber but contains a lot of calories. Opt for whole wheat brown bread, multi-grain ones, or these breads are good replacements for white bread.

Summing up, the beginning of a bad breakfast habit starts the previous day, when you have skimped up on sleep and now you are hangry (hunger + angry) and will grab anything in your sight to satiate that hunger and anger. Sleep for 7 hours (or more) to wake up happy, positive, and in a relaxed mood to take on the world.

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