Tom Ford Traceless Foundation Review, Swatch

Skin Type : Normal-Dry/ Olive

Claims : A unique, 3-in-1 foundation delivers a balanced complexion that glows with vitality and radiance. Extremely lightweight and luminous, it includes the skin-nourishing Tom Ford Infusing Complex to help protect skin and promote vibrancy. Micronized pigments deliver seamless and undetectable coverage that’s easy to build up or sheer down, while SPF 15 protects skin from sun damage.
The Tom Ford Infusing Complex infuses skin with a potent combination of specially selected nutrients that help skin stimulate its natural repair mechanisms. By helping skin cells replenish their natural energy, it fundamentally rejuvenates the complexion, so it looks and feels brighter and fresher. Antioxidants help protect the skin, creating a vital-looking face.
Price : USD 82 for 30 ml

My Experience with Tom Ford Traceless Foundation

I tried this foundation a lot before writing this review. There is something in this foundation that I was not liking and I could not pin point it exactly. It looked fabulous in person but I was not exactly happy with how it looked in my photos. The natural finish in real life was not really translating well in photos. Atleast I was not very happy. The real reason is the coverage.
It is an amazing light weight everyday foundation with sheer to light and very little buildable to a semi-medium coverage. It feels and almost looks like nothing on the skin. It is thin and blends on the skin like a dream. It is best used with finger tips or a foundation brush. With a beauty sponge, it pretty much sheers it out even more. The foundation sets within a minute or a so leaving skin looking quite natural and a bit healthy.

It is available in 8 shades and has shades even for those with deeper skin tones. I use the shade tawny and I absooolutely love about the shade is the peachy undertones of it. It stays on all day long on my normal to dry skin. It gives a soft dewy finish – not overly oily or shiny, just the right amount of glow kinds. But if you are someone who loves a matte finish, this is not for you. If I have to put the foundation in a few words it is ‘ my skin but better’. It doe snot oxidise on me at all. It has SPF 15, which makes it great for everyday wear.I have worn this foundation for as long as 8 hours and it looks pretty good by the end of the day. I noticed the foundation disappeared quite a bit just around the nose but other than that the foundation has been pretty intact. I reach out for a lot on a day to day basis. it feels and looks lovely and almost nothing on the skin. But would I wear it for photos, I won’t. I prefer a bit more coverage when it comes to photos. I don’t think it does justice in pictures. This foundation also has a fair bit of fragrance that settles down after a few minutes. But if you are allergic to perfumed cosmetics, I’d say that you stay clear of this one.

I am not really impressed with this one but that’s mostly because it is too light a coverage even for me. I personally like light to medium coverage foundations. Also, since I am photographing my makeup pretty much everyday, this is not the most ideal foundation for someone like me. But I’d say it is a gorgeous foundation for wearing to work or for people with already good skin. You can use it as a wash overall and then conceal the areas of your face here and there. I would not recommend this to people with oily skin as well. I prefer the Traceless perfecting foundation anyday over this one. If you check that review, you’d instantly notice the difference in finishes. 🙂 I’d still use it since I have it but I’d mix and match it with other foundations to get the desired finish and coverage. Not a major love I’d say.

Rating : 3.7/5





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