30 Foods from the Supermarket that are Terrible for Weight Loss

For most of us, a trip to the supermarket or grocery store is often therapeutic, but if you are making extra effort and working hard to lose weight, it would be wise to add items into your cart with great caution. Some of the items that are branded “healthy” might not actually be healthy and can be quite detrimental to your weight loss goals. Such foods can actually add high amount of calories and make you gain weight instead. If you have been wondering why you are not losing weight even with strict dieting and painful workout sessions, it’s time to re-analyze the grocery list. In this post, we list out 32 foods from the supermarket that are terrible for weight loss.

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10 Tips While Picking up Stuff from the Supermarket:

1. Read ingredients list of packaged food items.
2. Avoid stuff with added sugar.
3. Skip things with high sodium content.
4. Totally skip anything with transfat in it.
5. Pick local produce.
6. Avoid GMO (genetically modified) products because they have been altered using genetic engineering techniques.
7. Look for organic products.
8. Go for unpolished varieties of rice, dal, lentils.
9. Avoid fat-free and low-fat products.
10. Nothing with artificial sweeteners either.

30 Foods from the Supermarket that are Terrible for Weight Loss:

1. Granola bars: They are often marketed as a healthy snack, but such bars are high in sugar, sodium, artificial color and flavour. It’s best to avoid them completely or just indulge in them as a cheat meal once a week.

2. Flavoured Greek yogurt: Though we might think it as a good source of probiotics, flavoured Greek yogurt are also loaded with artificial color, flavour, preserveratives, and loads of added sugar.

3. Sugar-free biscuits: No, sugar-free biscuits are not good for your health, they are just as bad as regular biscuits with white flour and artificial sweeteners.

4. Low-fat salad dressing: Though they claim to be low in fat, such salad dressings are high in sugar and preservatives.

5. Packaged fruit juices: Though these juices may claim to be 100% concentrated juice without any preservatives, the story is far from it – nothing can replace whole fruit with high fiber content. These juices not only lack the precious fiber content, they also might have preservatives and artificial flavours in them. Reading the ingredient list will reveal the whole story and the real truth.

6. Brown bread: Most often, the brown bread that you pick for easy breakfast is just colored version of your regular bread. Even if it’s not colored, there’s a high chance that the brown bread has a certain percentage of white flour, sugar, and salt.

7. Packaged vegetable soups: They are not only high in salt content, such packaged soups are not a bit healthy with their added sugar either.

8. Protein bars: We often pick up protein bars to reward ourselves for working out hard in the gym and to supply the body with protein, but you are just putting back all those calories that you burnt during exercise with the high sugar content in the bars.

9. Oats biscuits with no sugar: Hmmm….just go through the ingredient list, there’s added sugar and salt too, maybe even transfat to add taste to the biscuits.

10. All foods with transfat: Here’s why transfat is extremely bad for your health, avoid every food item with transfat in it.

11. Readymade coffee drinks: Refined sugar is added to make such coffee drinks appealing to the tastebuds.

12. Mayonnaise: Think about it, mayonnaise is made by adding loads of oil, even the egg-free version is made the same way, by adding lots and lots of oil. Mayonnaise is extremely delicious and it’s hard to stop at just one teaspoon, but do remind yourself that 1 tsp can put up to 100 calories into your daily calorie count!

13. Ice cream: This sugary treat is absolutely not recommended if you are trying to lose weight.

14. Low-fat stuff: Low-fat food items often add lots of unhealthy refined sugar and salt to make up for lack of taste when the fat content is removed. It’s better to pick full fat because it’s a much healthier option.

15. Vegetable oil: They may claim to be heart healthy, but vegetable oils contain high omega-6 fatty acids and cause inflammation in the body, raise bad cholesterol levels too.

16. Instant food packets: These might seem convenient, but readymade palak paneer that you can make in an instant by adding hot water is not healthy. Loads of preservatives, transfat, sugar, salt are needed to keep the contents in that packet from going bad.

17. Canned fruits in syrups: Can you believe it, some people do think canned fruits are healthy, but how do fruits that are soaked in sugary syrup be healthy, they will spiral up your calories in just one serving.

18. Cereal boxes: Do not replace your regular breakfast with cereals, they are unhealthy options to start your day with.

19. Muesli with dehydrated fruits: Dehydrated fruits are covered with artificial colors to make them appealing, and added sugar, corn syrup make these an unhealthy option.

20. Candied fruits: Sweet amla candy – just read the ingredients list, sugar is added in huge amount to prevent these fruits from going bad.

21. Baked chips: Chips are bad for weight loss, baked or not.

22. Flavoured popcorn: Often such varieties of popcorn have transfat, added color, and salt content.

23. Flavoured milk: For obvious reasons, high sugar, artificial flavours are all added to make such milk varieties appealing to the tastebuds.

24. Margarine: This type of butter is wrongly marketed as a healthy alternative to butter, but it’s made completely from vegetable oils through the hydrogenation process.

25. Energy drinks: They help you to be active through the day, but how? With high sugar content, complete no-no!

26. Natural fruit jams: These packaged jam bottles claim to be made from natural fruits, but they have sugar and preservatives that just ruin their “all natural” claim.

27. Diet soda: Any kind of soda is bad for weight loss, diet soda has loads of artificial sweeteners, which are equally bad as refined sugar.

28. Tomato sauce: It’s not just tomatoes, there are a whole lot of chemicals in that sauce bottle.

29. Food with artificial sweeteners: When compared to refined sugar, artificial sweeteners do have lesser calories, but they do have calories and if you go overboard adding artificial sweetenersin everything, you would end up gaining weight! Natural sweeteners like honey and jaggery are much better options because they are not processed or refined and get metabolized by the body in a natural way

30. Bottled olives: Salt is used as the main preservative in bottled olives and such olives may actually cause weight gain through water retention.

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