Essential Oil Beauty Hacks

Essential Oil Beauty Hacks

Hey Girls,

My mom has been addicted to essential oils for years and recently she brought me to her favourite shop. After spending 30 minute or so there, she got me addicted too. Essential oils are packed with a ton of good stuff and can be used for almost anything in the beauty world. Here’s some essential oil beauty hacks, enjoy!

Essential Oil beauty treatment

Thyme contains anti-bacterial properties and guess what’s it great for? It helps control and battle acne. If you’ve got a breakout coming on, this will help you avoid a huge breakout and do some damage control too.
If you’re looking for a new toner that’ll help with your acne, don’t bother going out to buy one. Add a few drops to some witch hazel and you’ve got yourself an awesome DIY Thyme Toner.

Essential Beauty Oils

It’s commonly used on hair. It helps to protect the hair against the salty sea water and it promotes hair growth and hair thickness too. If you or someone you know is stress, inhaling this would be perfect for stress-relief and relaxation.


Jasmine is known for having the ability to improve the elasticity of your skin. Instead of buying stretch mark creams, just use this for em’. It helps with acne scars too and that’s an absolute plus.

Jasmine Oil

Anything that contains peppermint can be deemed as my favourite. I’m absolutely in love with peppermint. It soothes itches from poison ivy and bug bites too. Just apply it onto the affected area and you’re all better. You can also rub it on your hands and inhale the scent. The scent helps to clear sinuses and it soothes a headache really well too.

It’s known and often used as a anti-aging oil. It’s packed with astringent properties that’ll tighten loose skin, the antioxidants will help stimulate cell turnover and that’ll all equal to less wrinkles!

Eucalyptus is a healing herb. It’s often used for wound care and it’s also an excellent natural insect repellent.


Lavender oil

Lavender is one of the most popular and commonly used essential oils. It’s a favourite of my mom too. Lavender is a great sleeping aid if you’ve got insomnia or you just can’t get to sleep. If you use it on your scalp, it helps battle hair loss and alleviate aches in your head!
Here’s a totally unrelated beauty tip but if you’ve got to get rid of houseflies, burn this essential oil and they’ll repel the flies. Trust me, it works.

I hope theses beauty hacks help somehow and I’ve got you a little hooked with essential oils. Have a great one girls! 🙂

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