Janhvi Kapoor Trolled For Carrying Pillow To The Airport

Janhvi Kapoor just lights up social media with her airport and gym looks, but gets a lot of attention from trolls as well. This time, the trolls noticed Janhvi carrying a pillow to catch a flight! Also read: “5 Times Janhvi Kapoor was Trolled on Social Media.”  

janhvi kapoor airport look trolled

Trolls want to know in which airline Janhvi Kapoor is traveling and why she needs a pillow in a plane? And this is not the first time she is seen carrying a pillow – on several occasions she was seen carrying the white pillow with her.

It’s not just her – actor Aamir Khan is also often seen carrying a comfy pillow with him. Also read: “How to Look Fresh and Beautiful Like Janhvi Kapoor.”
5 Times Janhvi Kapoor was Trolled on Social Media
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