10 Lifestyle Changes you Need To Make To Lose Belly Fat Faster

Belly fat can give you “sleepless nights” but it may the very reason why your waist circumference is increasing in the first place! Sleeping for less number of hours or having disturbed sleep interferes with fat burning and increases stress hormone “cortisol” which together with “insulin” create enzymes that encourages storage of body fat, particularly around the belly. The problem with belly fat (both subcutaneous and visceral) is that they are extremely stubborn and it would take mammoth effort to get rid of them. And those ab exercises never seem to work for trimming the waist either. Belly fat also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and even liver issues. In earlier posts, we have covered topics on “what to eat” and “what not to eat” to lose belly fat, but in this post, we tell you about lifestyle changes (and some other changes) you need to make to lose belly fat faster. So, if crunches are not working to melt away the belly fat, make these lifestyle changes and see the difference.

Lifestyle Changes For Belly Fat

1. Start on a Calorie-Deficit Diet: It’s a fact that we cannot order the body to lose fat from one particular area, and with overall fat burn only, the waistline will appear cinched. Check out the Rati Beauty diet on how to get into a calorie deficit to lose inches as well as kgs the healthy way.

2. Maintain Correct Posture: Experts say that you should sit straight with an upright back with chin up, shoulders pulled back, and avoid slouching in order to strengthen ab muscles. Maintaining the wrong posture while working for long hours at the desk or while watching TV loosens tummy muscles and makes them to bulge, also a weaker back means a bulging tummy.

3. Cut Back on Refined Carbs: Cutting down the wrong kind of carbs, aka refined carbs, will help a great deal in fighting tummy fat. Refined carbs can be counted as one of the major causes leading to belly fat. Avoid processed foods, stay away from cakes, cookies, chips, baked goodies. Refined carbs spike up blood sugar, trigger insulin surge, and as we have mentioned above, along with “stress hormone cortisol” create an enzyme that encourages building up of belly bulge. So, choose your carbs carefully and make sure they are not refined.

4. Stop Shopping For Packaged Food with Transfat: Processed and ultra processed food with transfat in them is neither good for the heart, nor for belly fat. Here’s a fact that would surprise you – transfat mobilizes fat from other areas of the body towards your belly area!

5. Cardio Does Burn Belly Fat and also Be on Feet and Active Through the Day: A fat-burning enzyme called hormone-sensitive lipase that gets activated during cardio exercises and when you are on your feet, releases fat molecules from adipose cells and makes it easier for fat in the blood to enter cell walls so that they can be used up as energy. So, including cardio into your workout routine and get on your feet for the major part of the day.

6. When you Hit the Party Scene, Avoid Fizzy Drinks and Aerated Beverages: Avoid fizzy drinks with high sugar content with empty calories that spike up blood sugar and insulin, which increases the risk of belly fat.

7. Drink More Water: It’s a calorie-free drink that helps in many ways with weight loss. It suppresses appetite, increases energy expenditure, clears toxins from the body that raise inflammation (another major cause of weight gain), and is absolutely necessary to metabolize fat.

8. Find Ways To De-Stress: Chronic stress has been linked to increase of waist circumference and studies have revealed that higher levels of cortisol means increase in abdominal fat. Do whatever it takes to de-stress, being stress free is great for mental as well as weight loss.

9. Lack of Sleep: Research has proven that sleeping for less than 5 hours even for a single night considerably increases your chances of gaining weight, particularly belly fat! So, sleep for 7 hours or more every single night to melt away tummy fat. Also, do read “14 Reasons Why Sleep is Important For Weight Loss.”

10. Plank Up: When done on a daily basis, a simple exercise like plank strengthens the core muscles and targets the fat around the belly area. It also improves posture, strengthens muscles, and helps burn calories, and you can do plank for just 1 minute, and reap benefits.

So, these were some tips to melt away excess fat from the belly area and flaunt washboard abs. Try them now.

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